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Dr. Mohammad Najafi, the founder of Harmony Healing Center in Dubai, has been in this profession since 1997. At our Harmony healing center, we practice new and unique methods of Hypnotherapy, Meditation and healing tailor made by Mohammad Najafi. The key to our success is Mohammad’s genuine love of all mankind. We offer group workshops and private sessions best suit your individual needs.

“ The improvements in the outer world are the results of our creative glances and imaginative sights. And so, by looking within; we can grow, build up, and elaborate ourselves.”

Dr. Mohammad Najafi, CEO

Harmony Healing Center in Dubai is a purpose of healing and treatment located in the heart of Business Bay and provides a friendly, welcoming and modern environment, ideal for starting your journey on the road to recovery and healing of mental, mind and body.
Harmony Healing Center is staffed by psychiatrists, nutritionist healers and therapists in four languages (English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu).
It is extremely well placed to bring reputable, safe and pioneering mental and body health treatment to the UAE and the centre is an opportunity for us to offer the same exceptional level of support to you, as it does for those in the UK.

We practice our client in Harmony Healing Center the new and unique methods of Hypnotherapy, Meditation and healing tailor for Well-being based in Dubai. Our Counseling services focus on prioritizing the needs of each client and tailoring the therapy to achieve their therapeutic goals. We believe in empowering individuals to overcome their struggles and become the most authentic version of themselves.

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“I love your course. I am only in week two but I especially love the Meditation and Self- Improvement session. This has been really really powerful and helpful to me. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your helpful guidance

Anne Telling

Sale Manager, Nathan Wholesale

“Very interesting course, could help lots of people struggling with their anxiety and sleepness. Also I learnt about the different ways to provide help and support to those with the same problems”

Helena Smith

Sales Manager, Sirocco Company

I recommend Energy Healing courses to others because It is very helpful for other people who want to understand about ‘Energy and Self Healing’. I am more aware about ‘Chakras and Aura’ after this course.

Ricky Lamsla

CEO , Berkeley Developments

Do you want to be the best version of yourself ?

We take a modern approach to helping you be the best version of yourself and specialized in mental care and support for adults, couples, children, and groups.