What is energy?
Energy is a powerful force as real as everything we can touch, see and hear. Energy is all around us. 
It is the cause behind every effect we experience. All energy, no matter the source, produces power. To harness this power and use it productively is an ever learning and growing experience. Everything in the world, inanimate or animate, concrete or ephermal, is made out of, or held to- gether with, energy. Human’s energy is present in wavelengths and frequencies in and around human being, which are called Chakras and Aura.
Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing the flow of energy and correcting the disturbances in the “human energy field” or “aura” which surrounds the body. Improving the energy flow in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

What is energy healing?
Energy healing is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. Energy healing is based on the belief that our «life force» creates energy fields that are unbalanced during emotional or physical disease. The «life force,» often called «energy» in Western culture, is an entity that permeates and bonds all. It is sometimes referred to as the «vital force.» In China, it is called Qi; in India it is called Prana. It is believed the «life force» extends throughout the universe and that the individual is part of an indivisible whole. Most Eastern philosophies share this common theme of universal spirit and wholeness. Individ- uals who practice such alternative medical approaches such as meditation, yoga or tai chi. They do so not only because it decreases stress and anxiety and promotes general well-being, but also because it helps them connect with the «life energy» within and around them. The belief is that because the «life force» permeates everything, an individual is unavoidably affected by external events and energies. Thus, treatment of the individual should consider the mind/body/spirit inter- action as well as an overall connection to the universe.
Because our energy fields are part of an interconnected whole, the use of focused intention by one individual can aid in the health and well being of another. Many individuals use their own individual means of directing their intention to heal. Others practice according to schools such as Reiki. In the West, a common form of energy healing is Therapeutic Touch, which has been taught to thousands of nurses across the United States.
Healers operate in many different ways. For example, they visualize, send intentions for diseased cells to die, send intentions for cells to revert to their optimum state of health, or simply send lov- ing energy. A common theme is the intention for the well-being of the client. Another is focusing on being a conduit for a loving, universal life force.
An interesting feature of energy healing is that it may be performed over distances of thousands of miles. The «life force» claimed to be transmitted by energy healers does not have the properties of any known form of energy. A comparable practice to energy healing that is used frequently in the West is prayer. A survey done in 1996 showed that 82 percent of Americans believe in the healing power of prayer. A survey of patients in American Cancer Society support groups for breast cancer found that 88 percent experienced beneficial effects of spiritual and religious practice.

What is the human energy field?
Just as we have a physical anatomy, we have also an “energy anatomy”. The human energy field or “aura” surrounds and permeates the physical body. Aura is that halo that surrounds all around your body which represents the physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energy.
The physical body could be thought of as the densest expression of the energy, and as only one of a number of bodies which comprise our energy anatomy. We also have “subtle bodies”, which are sometimes referred to as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
There are a variety of descriptions and images of the energy field from both ancient and modern sources. There are variations in these models, but many describe the aura as being in layers. Many, though not all, emphasize the importance of the chakras which are energy centers where important exchanges of energy take place.
Energy healing creates change by positively influencing the energy field.

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