Weight Management Hypnotherapy

At Harmony Healing Center the goal of hypnosis for weight loss is to shift away from dieting, restrictive eating and cycles of weight loss and gain in order to connect with your inner guidance system that innately knows just how to keep you healthy and at the correct weight for you.
Hypnosis can help you jump-start new natural healthy habits of eating and physical exercise. Hypnosis shares a few therapeutic aspects with meditation – reducing stress and increasing mindfulness or awareness which can only help to recognize destructive eating habits, click the pause button and allow you to make a new better healthier choice. Hypnosis is an effective approach for weight loss because it works with feelings, emotional patterns, and subconscious motivations. 

Hypnosis works directly and effectively with the automatic programming of the subconscious mind to shift, reframe or reprogram feelings and behaviors that previously sabotaged weight loss goals. Hypnosis is a highly focused state of mind in which the client is open, suggestible and receptive to their own desires.

What is hypnosis for weight loss?

Together, consciously we develop a plan for healthy habits. In hypnosis the goal is to get the subconscious to accept and associate the new healthy habits with desirable feelings, replacing the old negative feelings. With repetition and reinforcement in hypnosis, the new healthy habits become automatic response. Amazingly, the subconscious cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality, so the hypnotist makes use of the creative subconscious imagination of the client to emphasize and even exaggerate desired results. Just imagine food cravings floating away or falling into the ocean where they can no longer affect you. Imagine preparing exotic and wholesome food with ease and creativity. Imagine envisioning yourself with a slimmer, more fit, more confident healthier you.

Does hypnosis for weight loss work?

Yes, it can. Change can happen on many levels. In hypnosis, awareness is heightened, self-confidence and motivation are enhanced, and goal completion imagery are happening all the while we are diminishing receptiveness to old beliefs and emotions. Many studies show that those using hypnosis with a weight loss plan are more motivated to succeed and maintain their goals.
Hypnosis is not an elixir.

A few essential elements are needed to succeed

  • Truthfulness – Take a good honest look at yourself and mentally accept the change is needed and some actions are required. Truthful and inward focus will be rewarded with outward physical results.
  • Responsibility – Knowing you are responsible to yourself and becoming aware of your actions and reactions to all things, choosing to make a newer better choice remove blame and open up to becoming in control of your life emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Develop an Inner Knowingness and Strength – The practice can only increase self-esteem and motivation, guiding you easily through life’s challenges.

Committing or believing the possibility of change is real and expecting results. The magic occurs when you apply a daily practice or implementation suggested by the hypnotist. One cannot rely on hypnosis solely. Hypnosis opens a door and can be magical fix if you partake equally.

Success rate of hypnosis for weight loss

For many years, studies have shown success with hypnosis for weight loss. Again more importantly, hypnosis has the ability to reinforce and empower the client to succeed and reach the goals that they have already said yes to.

“Thinking and feeling are intricately connected, shaping your subconscious known beliefs, which lie beneath awareness and steer the direction of your life.”

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