Maria Paz is an International Relations BA, Neuroleadership Life Coach,  Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Yoga Teacher currently completing a Masters in Mindfulness. She creates and delivers unique transformational programs to corporates and individuals. These programs serve as gateways to higher awareness, peace of mind, better focus and reduced emotional reactivity.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

Maria Paz Jimenez Pena

Languages: English & Spanish
Education: BA. International Relations, MsC. Mindfulness (in progress)

Some of My Recent Work:

  • Facilitator for ADNOC Employee Day Program
  • Wellbeing Content Strategist for Alliance Training
  • COVID19 Stress Relief Sessions for WME


Training Facilitation Years of Experience: 4
Industry Sector: Brand & Marketing, Government, Education, Hospitality, IT & Technology, NGOs.
Participants Level: All Levels

Maria Paz is an International Relations BA, Certified Neuroleadership Institute Life Coach, Certified 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessor, Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor who is currently completing a MsC in Mindfulness.
For the past 3 years she has Co-Founded and developed her passion project: MBS, a Happiness Center, a UAE based consultancy firm for Wellbeing & Happiness at Work.
She crafts transformative programs for self-development and makes sure teams are aligned and balanced. She has conducted wellbeing programs for DEWA, Dubai Police, Dubai Silicon Oasis and others.
Maria has been leading and taking part in different NGOs and community initiatives in Sri Lanka and the UAE since 2011. She has also designed and delivered Inner Peace programs for Children and Women refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Along with the Dubai’s well-known Non-Profit Wellbeing Community, House of Om, she has conducted a series of Self-Development Transformational Retreats in the UAE hosting over 200 participants of different backgrounds and nationalities. She also conducts Online & In-Person Full Day Women Empowerment Retreats in association with Women Talk UAE.


  • Wellness RetreatsCorporate Training & Coaching
  • Cultural & Social Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Neuroscience Based Coaching
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Creativity & Self-Expression Workshops
  • Mindfulness & Yoga

Maria Paz currently designs learning experiences for corporates based on mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-empowerment tools through her Dubai based corporate wellbeing coaching firm: Paz Mindfulness Coaching.
She has organized and delivered Corporate Wellbeing Retreats for the PMO, for DEWA, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality. These retreats served as a holistic experience into the world of wellbeing for over 600 participants.
Maria Paz is on a mission to aid the evolution of humanity’s consciousness by sharing a message of cultural understanding, tolerance and unity. Her goal is to help societies evolve to a more cooperative state of being through guiding individuals to learn to connect to their inner wisdom.
Passionate about human’s highest evolution and Eastern Philosophies she has lived in Sri Lanka for 2 years and has extensively traveled around India learning different techniques for self purification and higher awareness.


  • MsC in Mindfulness| University of Zaragoza (completing in 2021)
  • Results Certified Coach | NeuroLeadership Institute
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessor | Six Seconds Network
  • Traditional Yoga & Meditation Instructor| Rishikesh, India.
  • BA. International Relations | Universidad del Salvador

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